Godox TT600 Thinklite Flash (Manual)

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  • Godox TT600 Thinklite Flash (Manual)
  • Godox TT600 Thinklite Flash (Manual)
  • Godox TT600 Thinklite Flash (Manual)
  • Godox TT600 Thinklite Flash (Manual)
  • Godox TT600 Thinklite Flash (Manual)
  • Godox TT600 Thinklite Flash (Manual)
  • Godox TT600 Thinklite Flash (Manual)
  • Godox TT600 Thinklite Flash (Manual)
  • Godox TT600 Thinklite Flash (Manual)
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The universal shoe-mounted Godox TT600 Thinklite Flash features a zoom range of 24-200mm as well as a 14mm wide panel and offers manual power control from 1/1 to 1/128. Also, for bounce flash, the head can tilt from -7 to 90° and rotates left and right 180°. It is powered by 4 AA batteries (sold separately) . TT600 Thinklite flash will help you create a versatile and effective lighting setup. It is suitable either as a camera shoe flash or as an external light source placed on a lightstand. It is the undisputed leader when it comes to powerful flash at a relatively low price. Due to the lack of TTL mode it is recommended for people who prefer manual control over the flash power.


  • With the built-in X System receiver, the TT600 can be controlled with Godox 2.4G transmitters. In addition, by using an optional transmitter, the TT600 can achieve HSS sync mode. There is also a socket on the lamp housing where you can plug in a 433MHz system receiver to control the lamp with older type transmitters.

  • With a guide number of 60 at ISO 100 and a zoom of 200mm, the TT600 will easily light most subjects. Manual power adjustment from 1/1 to 1/128 in 1/3 EV steps.

  • This flash runs on four alkaline or NiMH AA batteries which help deliver about 230 full-power flashes and recycle times of 0.1-2.6 seconds.

  • The flash head can be tilted from -7 to 90° and rotated 360°, allowing you to control the reflection of light and its fall on your scene. It also features a 24-200mm zoom head and a 14mm wide-angle panel, allowing the use of a wide variety of lenses. Optical master/slave transmission is also available for interfacing with other flashes. A 3.5mm sync port allows a wired connection to a camera or trigger.




  • Model:  TT600

  • Guide No. (1/1 power @ 200mm):  GN 60 (m ISO 100)

  • Vertical Rotation Angle:  -7°-90°

  • Horizontal Rotation Angle: 0-360°

  • Power Supply : Ni-MH batteries (recommended) or 4*LR6 alkaline batteries

  • Full Power Flashes Approx. 230 (2500mA Ni-MH batteries)

  • Recycle Time Approx. 0.1-2.6 seconds (eneloop NiMH batteries of Panasonic). Red LED indicator will light up when the flash is ready.

  • Flash Duration 1/300s - 1/20000s

  • Color Temperature 5600K±200K

  • Wireless Flash Function Master, Slave, Off

  • Controllable slave groups 5(A, B,C,D, E)

  • Transmission Range (approx.) 100m

  • Channel 1~32

  • Dimension 64*76*190 mm

  • Weight without Battery 400g

  • Weight with Battery 500g




1 x Godox TT600 Thinklite Flash (Manual)

1 x Mini Stand

1 x Protection Bag

1 x User Manual



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